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Just a thought or two

May 19, 2010 2 comments

Political temperatures have reached extreme levels, lately, in Kenya.
With the publication of the proposed draft constitution by the Attorney general, proponents and opponents of the document are already active,putting foward their theories, hoping to get votes on their sides.
But quite comical, and hardly escaping attention is the apparent split on the YES side or if you will, the GREEN side. Kalonzo is famously known for never taking a clear stand, and he has proved thus quite frequently. This time round he is claiming that Raila was behind the scenes we saw at Uhuru Park where he was continuously interrupted and forced to cut short his ‘speech’!
Raila, as we all know, thrives in such heated political environments, playing cool and saying that Kalonzo ‘spoke in anger’, adding thats its quite understandable what he did.
We are now left to wait for the next round of rallies, with some on the GREEN side saying they will go it alone.
On the NO, or rather RED side, Ruto is already making headlines. What with the suggestion that we vote NO in August, then come November we vote YES. Question: what will have changed in those 3 months that could not be changed in the last 2 or so decades of our elusive search for a new constitution?
As for former president Moi, i reserve my thoughts, for when the old man was making headlines, i did not know the meaning of a constitution, but now clearly i am not sure he does so either!
And finally, just a thought: UON has been closed indefinately, after violent demo’s by the students in ‘protest’ to the ‘suspension’ of SONU. With Ruto at the helm of the ‘higer’ education ministry, i cant help but wonder at the ‘convenience’ of all the above happenings.

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