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20 Things-10 To do, 10-to quit (6 months later)

June 2, 2010 Leave a comment

The following was my new year post, 6 months down the line this is what I had written:

It’s a new year, and true to our habit and ‘traditions’, now that everybody is trying very hard to be modern, we all want to jot down some rules here and there on how to go through the year.
But I want to go against the norms, its good to be rebellious at times ;-).. So I have decided to come up with some 20 things, 10 of which I want you to try to do, in you own way, and some 10 things you should try and quit.
You know the difference between today and tomorrow? You are already ‘in’ today, so you can go through it or wait for it to end. But tomorrow you can plan for it, only that you have no power over it, whether you will reach it or not!! So how do you want your year to be like?!

Things to do:

1. Let go
Let the past be the past. There is a reason people usher in a new year with so much celebrations and renewed hope. So why then do you want to stick to those old, sad and not so pleasant memories?!

2. Invest in yourself
Make a vow to spend more on yourself, because there is so much you can give to others but when it comes to ‘you’, there isn’t much left. Be a lil selfish this time round, but for a good reason. Learn a new skill, buy yourself that new dress that u have been dreaming of owning, enroll in some fun activity like cookery, if you enjoy reading, promise to buy yourself at least one book every month..this will make your year so much more fulfilling and it might just boost your morale and improve your general outlook on life.

3. Then invest…
Now, its time to think big, buy a house if you will. Today’s generation will not afford houses even in a life time with the current trend in property and real estate prices. Think outside the box, if you want to live in Kenya, think outside Nairobi. If you ask me, I will invest in a property in Nakuru, I like it there you know. The weather is awesome, and the fact that I can zoom to Nairobi and back. Once you can think out of Nairobi, then you can join the few of us who are already thinking outside the borders!

4. Friends!
This is always a very tricky yet a very important part of your life. Real, true, whatever you want to call them, you need some. My take is simple, advice (not helpers!) when you need some, sometimes you are better off with a good advice even when what you need help. A friend should be able to celebrate your successes and milestones, not necessarily with gifts and such, just the simple ‘i am happy for you’ does magic!
Then learn to balance your friendship. Don’t be the type whose girl/boyfriends complain that you spend so much time with your pals, and then one day they are asking you if you got any friends! Remember, keep a healthy balance.

5. Give
Yes, and don’t expect anything back! They say we go wrong because we put a lot of expectations on others, but when it comes to giving, the rule is dont expect to get something back. Sometimes when we give we feel better, so however little it might be,. if a friend loves that dress, buy them one. Maybe one day they will own a suit shop and get you a favourite off the shelf!

6. Celebrate
When a family member, a friend or a colleague accomplishes something, celebrate with them. They will remember you, and there aint such a good thing as being remembered.

7. Pictures
Yes, pics!! Take them, capture those moments. If you have memory problems like me, you have a lt more to take. My friends in Uganda used to say ‘Beat us”! In kenya we say ‘Piga!’ same thing huh! This way you are sure you don’t live to wonder what people looked like.

7.52 ~ Cliche Saturday ~ Excecution by Canon Edition

8. Travel
Meet new people, new ways of doing things and make new friends. Travelling is by far the most enjoyable and relaxing thing to do (or I have ever done), so next time you are thinking of what to do with some few free days, hit the road (well, if you can, try the waters or even the air)!

9. Find people who inspire you
This might sound easy, but make sure they don’t inspire you negatively! That is if such a thing exists.
Am lucky I have people and friends who inspire me, but i wolud love to meet more. Look for friends who lift your senses,. I thought I loved travelling, till I met a friend who made me think other wise. She inspired me, this is someone who travelled so much, that they even designed a website that could direct someone who wanted to visit, let’s say, Ethiopia. That is something you will never do in a lifetime, but having them inspires you to even dream about it!

10. Be responsibe
A French philosopher once said ‘we don’t know what we want, but we are responsible for what we are. He was French, he had a lot of time in his hand, but he was right. No one really wants to take responsibility for their actions, words, their secrets and desires and the hardest thing to do is to be responsible for someone else. That is something you have to work for and you wont know if you are ready until you try.
If your moon and hers are both virgo, then?!

Thing to quit:

1. The addiction
Kick it! It could be some food, sex or even television. Start gradually till you reach the point where you can totally do without it.

2. Don’t try to change people
Maybe they are better off the way they are, or the way you found them. A friend once complained that her boyfriend seemed ‘inhuman’, that she thought he had no feelings and emotions. After a long while she came complaining that he had become too emotional!!(he went ‘gaza’ quite frequently). Just count your blessings, one by one!

3. Negativity
Down with that word! If people make a point of avoiding you, it could be that you are a kill joy! Don’t let doom follow you. Smile more. We don’t all look the same, remember what the zero said to the eight (0 to 8)? ‘nice belt’!

4. Talking much
Listen more instead! You will be amazed at how much more you can get to learn if you tried to listen to others more. Be a better communicator, listen to listen! Others will want to listen to you more, and talk to you.

5. Idling
In this day and age?! Start googling instead! This will engage the key centres in your brain that control decision making and complex reasoning, and this is more mentally stimulating than even reading! Wow! How did I know that? Because I was googling instead of idling! Build cognitive strength, stop idling.

6. Or even meditate!
No it does not only relieve stress, it enhances your grey matter as well. A calm and focused mind enhances growth in the cortex, which controls memory and language. Take about ten minutes everyday and just do it!

7. Procrastinating
We all do it. If you know you will have to do it, stop pushing it to the back of the to-do-list. Give yourself time to do things that have to be done. You will derive joy from what you do besides being relaxed and effective.

8. Lies
Start keeping your word. If you cannot do something for someone, don’t promise. Say ‘NO’ once in a while, someone will appreciate.

9. Being one sided
We all have that side that everyone knows about. How about you show people the other side of you, that wild and crazy you. If you love the party scene, then free that party animal in you, you will be surprised at the people you meet and the kind of things you never thought you could do! If it’s about the finances, don’t let that tie you up, most often than not there is someone who is ready to take care of that for you. Take the initiative and peel off that skin!

10. Neglecting your body
Most of us are guilty of this crime. Start that exercise regime that you have been planning. You don’t want to plan to be unfit. Regular exercise can do wonders for the body, the detail of which you and I know very well.

That’s my 20 cents, and I definitely know that they won’t be worth more than my year. Question is what exactly is your year’s worth?

Just a thought, I am a huge fun of rugby, especially the Boks, well, that is after the Wallabies decided to go green. So following south African history, I know the blacks loathed rugby because only the whites had the privilege to play it. It was so bad that whenever other teams came calling to play the Boks, like the Lions, the blacks would boo the Boks and cheer the Lions instead. Madiba was looking for something to bridge this rift and came across rugby. The story goes on and soon some of the Boks player’s were black. Then the rift became a uniting factor. South Africans today, of all walks, enjoy the game. Hmmm..need I say more.
Am off, roaming again!

Oh, and the world cup is here with us again! This time round in our beautiful continent, and in the lovely South African to be exact. One of my goals this year was to be in South Africa around this time. Oh well, thats a story for another day, but guess what? I am for Bafana Bafana all the way!

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