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Digital money transfer service WorldRemit is consolidating its rapid expansion into Tanzania

February 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Digital money transfer service WorldRemit ( is consolidating its rapid expansion into Tanzania, supporting the growing demand for instant remittances to the country from over 4 million expatriates living abroad.

Today WorldRemit is announcing:

  • A new record of 10,000 unique transactions completed in the month of December 2016 alone;
  • 150% YoY growth in 2016, driven primarily by the rapid expansion of Mobile Money accounts as the preferred receive method.

WorldRemit customers can send money to Tanzania via Mobile Money to Tigo Pesa, Vodacom M-Pesa and Zantel Ezy Pesa Mobile Money accounts, as well as bank deposit and cash pick up.

The biggest senders to Tanzania include migrants currently living in the UK, Sweden, Australia, Norway and Canada, amongst others.

With WorldRemit, people in more than 50 countries can send instant, secure transfers to more than 140 destinations. Known as the ‘WhatsApp of money’, WorldRemit makes sending money as easy as sending an instant message.

Remittances play an important role in the economy of Tanzania – in 2015 the country received a total of $390 million according to the WorldBank, almost ten times the amount received in 2010.

Ismail Ahmed, founder and CEO at WorldRemit, comments: “Our Mobile Money partnerships combined with existing services for bank deposits and cash pick-up will give more choice to Tanzanians, further supporting the transition from costly offline remittances via high street agents to faster, cheaper and safer online transfer methods”.

WorldRemit customers currently send over 580,000 transfers every month.


Safaricom’s data bundles now on CBS platform

June 24, 2012 3 comments

Safaricom has successful migrated its prepaid data bundles platform to CBS.

Huawei‘ s CBS is a convergent billing solution based on an independent rating and billing engine. The platform supports various infrastructure networks and services and provides online rating, real-time control and express billing.

Safaricom is looking to end up with single customer management interface from the CBS deployment, which is now in final stages. The  postpaid phase went live in mid-October 2011.

A total of four platforms were consolidated during Phase 1 and Phase 2:

  • Legacy IN
  • Offline billing
  • PCRF platform for data
  • AAA platform for WiMAX and authentication

By centralizing billing platform and customer relationship management through Huawei’s convergent billing system Safaricom is able to shorten the products’ time-to-market from months to days.

To date, the Huawei CBS has been deployed by more than 90 carriers in 50 countries, serving more than 400 million subscribers.

According to Huawei, some of the external benefits achieved to date include:

  • Faster rollouts of new products, including five in a two-month period, post-deployment.
  • Catering properly to the true hybrid customers that subscribe to services on both prepaid and postpaid platforms.
  • Prepaid subscribers, which make up a large proportion of Safaricom’s subscriber base, can enjoy more services, tariff packages and discounts.
  • Postpaid customers will now receive their bills in real-time, enabling them to monitor their usage more efficiently. They can also pay their bills more promptly using the M-PESA service.

According to Bob Collymore, CEO of Safaricom, “This migration into a converged billing ecosystem is a key plank of our continued efforts aimed at improving our overall proposition and delighting our customers, both PrePay and PostPay, more.”

  • Real-time billing also improves postpaid user’s customer experience while reducing operator’s risk to bad debt.
  • Innovative products that allow the customer to borrow airtime when they run out, for example. Safaricom is able to vary the borrowing denominations to target different segments.

Safaricom data bundles purchasing and renewal is now real-time. Some of the changes brought about by the migration include:

  • Daily data bundles will be renewed at 0000 (midnight)
  • Customers can subscribe to daily data bundles as many times as they like (buy the same or even a different bundle)
  • USSD and SMS data balance enquiry will now indicate all the resources, i.e limited data, time based, daily data and bonga data resources.
  • Data bundle subscription renewal can be done using funds from main credit account, Okoa Jahazi account and free airtime account. Priority will be free airtime first then Okoa Jahazi and finally the main account.
  • Multiple subscription for the limited data bundles will be allowed, as long as the subscriber has enough airtime.
  • Low balance notification will be set at 1 MB.
  • Daily mobile bundle renewal notification will be sent at 8.00 AM (both renewal and resource awarded plus expiry).

The main benefit of the migration therefore is the ability to purchase bundles using Okoa Jahazi airtime and purchase of multiple daily data bundles (either similar daily data bundles or different ones).

Usage priority will be as follows:

Daily Bundles – 1st

Limited Data Bundles – 2nd

Bonga Bundles – 3rd

Time Based Charging – 4th

On-Demand (out of bundle charging) – 5th

Safaricom has about 5 million active data customers, and about 1 million data bundle activations daily.

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