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My back pack, and its contents

March 9, 2010 1 comment

My back pack, and its contents

The following blog is a result of what I now call ‘frequent doses of travel’, with few nothings to do and a lot of ideas on how to carry less and spend more! So since the back pack has been my only companion and at times my only relief/stress? I decided to dedicate the blog to it and its holy contents! I also decided to nickname it ‘masafari’!

First the little thing is an old, white, almost tattered Nike bag, with amazing sponges on the shoulder straps. My favorite part is the inside pocket, just on the inner upper part, that I use to store small gadgets which Ican easily reach for.

Masafari’s contents

The original tenant of masafari is my old Toshiba laptop, which has travelled with me as far as Masafari can actually remember. Then off course the long curled power cable that weighs like a thao tones is stored pamoja with the old machine.

See full size image

The Samsung external hard disk occupies the favorite pocket I mentioned earlier. This is my source and storage of all things data, and is amazingly 250 GB big. When not storing or downloading things, it’s conveniently borrowed by friends who more often than not return it late, with loads of hungry viruses!

My Safari charger just comes close to the old machine as a frequently travelled companion. With an ability to charge multiple gadgets to full battery charge once fully charged itself, this portable charger makes my journey’s less worrisome and more adventurous. Just to add that when I invest in a blackberry I will continue using my safari charger since it’s compatible with both Nokia and blackberry for business! Talk about being ready for business!

There is also my Huaweii E160 safaricom modem. This USB flash drive shaped gadget comes with a memory card slot, meaning you can use the modem as a storage facility other than its internet connectivity function. I find it appropriate to also mention that safaricom is the only MSP (mobile service provider) that has acquired the 3G license, meaning that you can now enjoy data speeds that are as fast as those in Europe. This coupled with the arrival of the fibre optic into the country, has made internet connectivity rather fast.

Then comes my ding ling shaver, nicely curved and very slick! One of my favorite items, even though am not much of a hairy animal. It comes with a stand charger, where you mount the shaver on the charger to charge the battery.

See full size image

And lastly all the USB cables, charger extensions and all sorts of wires are also dumped in there with all the above mentioned items. Pia you can also never miss the few stray items like my DL, passport and alternative wallet. All this is a result of lack of space in my pant pockets, which as of now, is conveniently occupied by my new E72 and all its accessories! Acha I blog about that next time, so now I leave you with my Masafari to go through…


Just before I forget, there is also my lovely diary and the book I am currently reading, King Leopold’s Ghost (written by Adam Hochschild). This also reminds me that I need to finish up reading on it so that I can do some research on human rights abuses in Africa! Haiya, kumethoka?!

Oh, and btw, all the pics in this blog are taken by the E72. Kazi ya 5 meg.pix camera! Crystal clear yaawa!!

 My earworm: Mr. Politician- By Nakaya

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