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LG to launch the Optimus L3 E400

LG is planning to launch the new Optimus L3 E400 in Kenya. The LG E400, which was announced in January and released in other markets in February, will seek to capture the mass market currently held by the Huawei IDEOS and the Samsung Galaxy Mini.

The other LG device currently in the mid tier range is the Optimus P500 (Optimus One) pictured below.

The E400 will be retailing at Kshs 13000/- and will be expected in local shops around May. The phone will come loaded with Android OS version 2.3.6, compared to the Huawei IDEOs and the Galaxy Mini (retailing at Kshs 12,999/-) which come preloaded with v2.2 (Froyo).

The Optimus One that is currently retailing at Kshs 17,999/- also comes loaded with the Froyo, although upgradeable to v2.3.

The Optimus E400 boasts of a 1G internal memory and a 385MB RAM. It also has a 800 MHz processor, compared to the Optimus P500’s 600 MHz one.

Interesting to note is that most of these LG devices come with a Qualcomm chipset, in particular the MSM 7227.

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