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Here and there

A couple of observations I made the last few days:

Hasira ni hasara:

Do not lose your temper, not when in the company of older people. And not when those ‘older guys’ are your old man’s pals

A story is told of a little girl who lost her temper here

Read widely: especially if you are the type who like to argue about facts and events, have your facts right first.

Do not believe what you see or hear: the world is full of it – conspiracy. The last time anything true happened was when it rained, everything else is a bluff.

Watch this documentary

Carry all your cables/wires/electronics: you do not want that stupid look when you can’t find that shaver and you are late for an interview.

Smile and say hi to your neighbour in the bus: you never know what or how the person next to you in the bus will make your day or spoil it

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