A dog in a manger: the clergy

Jesus, as the fable goes, was born in a manger. A manger is a trough full of grass and other munchies for herbivores-like cows, horses and cows.

Some clerics, no doubt, will be familiar with the English expression ”a dog in a manger”. It originates from the observation of canines barking at bovines as they chew their grass, yet dogs are not known to partake of the ‘green stuff’ as part of their diet.
So it is with many of the clergy.
Although Kadhis’ courts in no way affect any of us outside the Muslim faith, some church leaders are misleading Christians to vote against the proposed constitution and say ‘nyet’ at the referendum albeit of humdrum proportios to this.
If the Proposed Constitution is rejected on these hallowed grounds, we will go back to the Constitution, which still has provision for Kadhis’ courts.
It’s a lose-lose situation for the clergy on this one issue, so why not then look at the other issues in the Proposed Constitution, and if they work better for their faithfull, encourage them to vote in the affirmative?
British Premier, former, Winston Churchill once defined a fanatic as a ”fool who cannot change their mind, and will not change the subject”.
Sound constitutions are built on due proportions of the free and the permeate life and energy of the country to the organised powers brought within containing channels, such as the Kadhis’ courts.
Since religious institutions do not pay taxes, it is a moot point that Christian taxpayers will be supporting the Kadhis’ courts, if not downright deceitful and sinfull. Untaxed church leaders drive fuel guzzlers that rival those of the MPs, that is, before the Passat, from congregational tithes, which is parasitic. It is Pharisee-tic, then, to point fingers at politicians for tribalism, when clergy are using their sermons as bully pulpits to attack other religions.
The Commonwealth Laws we operate under are derived from medieval courts, so it is ludicrous for some church leaders to ask the clock be rolled back 500 years to ”accommodate Christians”.
Are they nostalgic for the Inquisition? Even a middle ages’ tyrant like Henry VII got sick of “the Church” and said churlishly: ”We have His Majesty, the Commons, Parliament of Lords Temporal. It is immoral that Spiritual Overloads should have so much sway”.
Yes, we live in a world ruled by the laws of men, not an afterlife governed by spiritual laws as interpreted by some men of cloth.
Only if our clergy abandons its dogma of division and infallibility should we, the ‘commoners’, allow them to play a part in this Proposed Constitution. Our political system is often wont to travel peacefully, than to arrive,
But then our constitutional journey has been too long – 20 years in the making. And if the Church wants to quarrel in the car, okay, but we must reach the journey’s end.
Otherwise, like Moses, we’ll be 40 years in the desert, with Constitution 2030 as our vision. Let the disconcerted bark, but the constitutional caravan must move to destination.

    April 19, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    You seem confused and just merely trying to use your words to impress. To you, you are more interested in CHANGE not knowing what you are changing to! Sorry if i will sound rude in a way….but calling our clergies parasites and pharisee-ticis more of abusive than sentimental.
    Take your time and try to understand what you are changing into! To this Kadhis courts issue, what benefit will you as a kenyan get out of it? of what importance is it to me and you? The fact that it is there in the current constitution does not give it more weight or reason to be there.
    The making of the new constitution means doing away with unnecessary clauses that will favor one party above the other. doing away with laws that are authoritative and dictatorial, immoral, murderous and oppressive. NO MATTER WHAT YOU BLINDED HYPOCRITE SAY IN YOUR BLOG, LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR TO YOU……WE WILL NOT BOW TO LAWS THAT WILL IN THE LONG RUN AFFECT OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN…….IT IS A NO FOR THE CHURCH……..FINAL

  2. kunemaajabu
    April 20, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    What is your defination of a ‘kenyan?’ Have you tried to find out the benefits of the Kadhi courts to a muslim? Just like the dog in the manger, your concerns are highly misplaced.
    Secondly kindly do more research, read my previous post (http://kunemaajabu.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/of-kadhis-courts-the-clergy-and-the-kenyan-constitution/).That post aims at informing the on-going debate by setting
    out some of the basic facts about the Kadhis Courts that appear to have been ignored in the debate and analysis.It is important to approach every issue calmly and objectively and not subjectively,
    emotionally and with a pre-conceived idea/mind. But much more importantly, it is crucial to get all the facts correct about any issue before jumping to conclusion.It is only then that one can make an
    informed decision. An objective and honest discussion about the Kadhis Courts must consider their history and present status.

  3. kunemaajabu
    April 21, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Dude do you watch news or read newspapers? The above mail has been ‘red carded’, its highly inflamatory and has potential to polarrise this country. the police and other agencies have been put on high alert to track such messages as they amount to ‘hate speech’. i advise that you do not forward it or use it on blogs.

  4. May 17, 2010 at 10:15 am

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  5. May 17, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    Wonderful post . . The clergy should stop using offertory / tithe for misinformed campaigns . .

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