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Quick and common facts and questions about abortion

Just a follow up to my previous post:

Quick facts about abortion

54 countries allow abortion, which is about 61 percent of the world population.  97 countries, about 39 percent of the population, have abortion laws that make it illegal according to the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Law and Policy in New York.

France – Legalized
Britain – Legalized
Switzerland – Legalized
Denmark – legalized
Hungary – Legalized
Romania – Legalized
Poland – Illegal
Italy – Legalized
Colombia – Illegal
Peru – Illegal
Mexico – Illegal
Russia – Legalized
United States – Legalized
China -Legalized
Australia – Legalized
Brazil – Illegal

Common questions about abortion

  • When does the unborn baby’s heart begin to beat?

The heartbeat begins on the 21st day after conception.

  • When does the brain begin to function

Electrical brain waves have been recorded as early as forty days

  • How early can a baby survive outside the mother’s womb?

Currently, twenty weeks is considered the accepted minimum. However, this time will be reduced as medical technology continues to improve.

  • What about cases of rape and incest?

Pregnancy from rape is extremely rare. As reasons for legalizing abortion rape and incest are nothing more than emotional screens used by those profiting from abortion.  But we must approach the victim of rape or incest with great compassion. The woman has been subjected to an ugly trauma, and she needs love, support and help. But she has been the victim of one violent act. Should we now ask her to be a party to a second violent act -that of abortion? Unquestionably, many would return the violence of killing an innocent baby for the violence of rape. But, before making this decision, remember that most of the trauma has already occurred. She has been raped. That trauma will live with her all her life. Furthermore, this girl did not report for help, but kept this to herself. For several weeks or months, she has thought of little else. Now, she has finally asked for help, has shared her upset, and should be in a supportive situation.

  • But what about the child with disease who will die a slow death or live his life as a burden to his family?

Do you believe the new “ethic” should be that we kill the suffering or burdensome? Some of these cases are tragic, some are also inspirational. We cannot assume the responsibility for killing an unborn child simply because the child has not yet been seen in public. The child’s place of residence does not change what abortion does – kill a human being.

  • How can a girl give up her own baby for adoption and go through life never knowing what is happening to her child?

Which is better to remember, “I gave my baby life. And because I loved him, I gave him into the arms of a loving couple” – or to remember, “I selfishly ended my baby’s life?”

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