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When one thing leads to another

I am probably very tired and not so in a writing mood, but then again I feel like I have some few things to blog about.

My last two weeks haven’t been of a much to talk/write about ones, from dusty days out at the Dadaab refugee camps of Hagardera and Iffo, to a cold and hustle-some reality back in the city! Oh mine, how I have not missed Nairobi at all!

So once I get back, I decide to do a nyama plan with the boys. I get Mish, who is in a nyama choma mood.

MISH: ‘Yes Maajabu, nyama choma sounds like a plan. Si we meet at the kalocal?’

ME: ‘sounds like a plan with me, later chap’

That is Saturday, but a few hours later, my small car develops issues which are foreign to my little mechanical knowledge. I get back to Mish to re-panga the nyama plan, to Sunday.

Later on in the night, after chatting with my air hostess friend, we agree to meet for drinks on Sunday night (Sunday is looking busy already!). Having nothing much to do I decide to buzz my campus admirer, who sadly is out of town, ati paying a visit to pal in the lake-side city! (Kwani, mimi I can’t be visited at the coastal city?! Hehe, that’s a blog for another day)

As usual, I decide to buzz my ex, who on a normal day will not pick up my call. Pia leo, same thing. So I decide to hit the club, and get back to my hotel room, so young! Then I remember that I was given an invite to some campus rave thing, at the Nairobi national park. I leave the event after its messed up by unforgiving rains, and some shady campus mama’s who tried to get into my pants, and eventually my car!

Fast forward to Sunday, ex calls to say she just travelled back into the country. We decide to linkup in the evening to catch up! Come 4 p.m, I find myself on a detour, at one of my friends place. This is one chic who intimidates most of my girl pals, including my very intellectual ex! Only problem is that she claims that I am infatuated with her! Haiya, chic, infatuation does not exist in my limited vocabulary, I either want you or not!

Next thing, what to do? Either to go for the drink plan with the hostess friend or go over to my ex’s place. I decide to do the latter. Nock, door is opened, there stands my ex, half wrapped with a towel, looking as sumptuous as ever! Clear sign that she just stepped out of the shower! (Thinking how I miss those ‘come we shower together’ days!)

EX: ‘Hi Maajabu, long time…Come on in’

ME: ‘Long time’ (as I walk in, looking around the living room, I have so missed this house, such a cozy place!)

Wine bottle is opened, drowned and hours later still catching up. Work life and all the vibe, makes you feel like you’ve been years apart from such few genuine friends, makes you want to relive all the memorable moments…

Later on as I drive home, I realize that I forgot about the nyama plan with MISH, who is probably going to read this blog! I make a mental note to make another plan with MISH; I really need some nyama choma anyway!

Just as I am about to get into bed, my campus admirer calls, announces her presence in the city. Ati now am supposed to dress up, drive all the way back to town (campo), and get the nice piece of body to dance to my Maajabu tunes?! (Am thinking, si leo, you should probably check out on me kesho, I will probably be willing to take that booty I have been feeling sweet for to a trip around Maajabu land!!)

Haiya, kumbe I can be naughty?! Oh well, that is vibe for another day!

My ear worm- ‘Lucky’-Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat

(you should listen out Jason Mraz’s album, WE SING WE DANCE WE STEAL THINGS)

  1. March 15, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Waaawawawawa! Yaani you stood me up just to tap some ass? Una maajabu wewe!

    • kunemaajabu
      March 16, 2010 at 5:44 am

      eish,priss! maajabu’s lawyer says u have misquoted him, wants to sue you!

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